R E G I S T R A T I O N   I S   C L O S E D


Some people spend most of their days feeling tired, unfulfilled, and overwhelmed. They wake up most days wishing they felt more happiness in their lives.


Are you one of those people?


Imagine what it would feel like to end each day feeling accomplished, inspired, and truly proud of yourself and the person you have become. 



"You will never regret investing in yourself to feel happier. The only regret you may feel is the regret of not trying" - My Happiness Coach

What Is The 28 Day Happiness Kickstart Program?

An online program designed to help you create and maintain a happier life.  

What Do I Get When I Enrol?

Other than happier?! Each day you'll get personalized coaching, inspiration, motivating videos, workbooks, a killer goal framework, and access to an online community.

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This program is for you if you want to create:



1. A clear sense of focus 



2. Happier habits that bring you daily happiness

3. Clear goals that will leave you feeling alive and inspired 

4. A community of people to lean on during your journey

5. Inspiration to sustain the happiness you deserve

I know, I know...you are super busy. Too busy to feel happier? We've designed the program to respect your time and get you super focused on getting real results. Stop waiting and start creating your happier life today.





OK, OK, what does 28 days of happiness cost?


You ready? Let's get your happy on!

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