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3 Tips to Waking up Happy!

We all feel overwhelmed with life. There is much to do and much to enjoy. We tell ourselves there aren’t enough hours in the day. We convince ourselves that play is optional and what’s worse, we are constantly delaying our own happiness to accommodate busy schedules and life’s urgencies. What if you could wake up happier and feel more joy throughout the day?

I used to wake with the alarm clock at what felt like an ungodly hour. My mind was suddenly flooded with the urgency of the day. I felt overwhelmed and often pulled the duvet over my head for a few minutes of calm before the storm. But, no more.

Now, I am awake as my alarm clock goes off at what feels like a reasonable hour. My mind is suddenly flooded with excitement of the day. I feel grateful in my heart and as I get out of bed, I spend a few minutes enjoying the best stretch you can imagine. I smile for no reason.

Doesn’t this sound amazing? Are you ready for a change?

Follow these 3 tips to feel more happiness and joy in your everyday life.

1. WAKE UP GRATEFUL. Gratitude is scientifically proven to increase happiness levels. Waking up with a grateful heart sets the tone for the day. I use to worry about not being able to think of something to be grateful for but that quickly changed when I realized how amazingly blessed I am. As you start to practice gratitude, think about who you are grateful for in your life, how magically your body works to get you places, or how much you enjoy seeing and experiencing your favourite things. The are no limits to your gratitude thoughts…none!

2. SAY SOMETHING KIND. It could be “good morning beautiful” or “you are awesome” or “today will be great”. Whatever feels right to you. It is important to pick something that you feel inside otherwise this tip may backfire on you. Some studies have shown an opposite effect if you truly don’t believe what you tell yourself. So please choose carefully. My favourites are “good morning sunshine”, “hello beautiful”, and “time to shine”. It may feel silly at first, but trust me, soon it will become second nature. Promise!

3. SMILE! Just smile. I’m not talking about full on gut busting laughter (although feel free!). I’m talking about a gentle smile that solidifies the gratitude and kindness you just gifted yourself. Don’t be surprised if you naturally say “ahhhh” out loud. Just smile again. Success!

To sum it up, wake up happier by expressing gratitude, being kind to yourself, and packaging it all up with a gorgeous smile. You are beautiful. Enjoy the day!

Want to try it? I’m here to help! Join me for a five-day happiness wake up challenge at

Your life is about to change and it all starts now!

About the author. Brenda is a Certified Professional Coach and Founder of My Happiness Coach. She inspires people to live the outrageously happy lives they deserve. You can subscribe to her blog or inquire about one on one coaching or customized happiness workshops and courses today at

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