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How to Stop Believing Everything You Think...and Why you Care!

October 31, 2017

You are beautiful, sparkly, and fun! Everyone who knows and loves you knows this already and deep down you know it's true too. You are totally awesome! 


So why do we tell ourselves otherwise?  


If you spent one day - just one day - conscious of what you tell yourself I guarantee you will be surprised and confused. You might hear a combination of fear, confidence, and negativity like..."you got this, I'm so stupid, how did I mess this up, I'm not good enough, I nailed it".  


In this blog, we'll go deeper to start to identify and set the record straight on your core beliefs and thoughts so you can really believe everything you think!


Step 1: Awareness. Take the next 30 seconds and write down at least 5-10 things that you are already aware you tell yourself. For example, "I'm awesome, I'm naive, I'm stupid, I'm ugly,...". Don't worry, you won't be showing this list to anyone and it is important to be as honest as possible.


Step 2: Truth. Take the next 30 seconds to write down if you believe each statement is true or not. For example, do you truly believe you are stupid? (umm...of course not - you're freaking brilliant!)


Step 3: New Beliefs. This is my favourite part because this is where we get to rewire our brain to create healthier habits that serve us well. Take the next 2 minutes and write down what you actually believe about each statement. Don't overthink this. For example, if you wrote "I'm stupid" and you don't believe this is true, you could write "I'm smart".


Step 4: Reflection. Step back and look at your list. Isn't it remarkable? What are you going to change? How has this exercise changed your thoughts and beliefs?


Join me in the 7-day thought-buster challenge. To get you started, here is a FREE workbook to guide you along the way.  


Reminder: you are beautiful, sparkly, and fun! Everyone who knows and loves you knows this already and deep down you know it's true too.  You are totally awesome! 


Your life is about to change and it all starts now.


About the author. Brenda is a Certified Professional Coach and Founder of My Happiness Coach. She inspires people to live the outrageously happy lives they deserve.  You can subscribe to her blog or inquire about one on one coaching or customized happiness workshops and courses today at


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