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"Be the change you want to see”  - Gandhi


I had it all...or so I awesome career,  a strong social network, closet full of designer clothes, and a BMW parked in front of my perfectly decorated house. But, deep down I yearned for something more. Every accomplishment left me feeling unfulfilled. I wanted to feel fulfilled, I wanted to be happy, to feel happier. What I discovered is so simple yet so profound... happiness is a choice!

Gandhi said “be the change you want to see”.  Happiness is no exception. So many of us struggle to be happy. We convince ourselves that happiness is an elusive, intangible, luxury reserved for the elite and wealthy. We delay happiness until some future-dated event or outcome is achieved. We tell ourselves we don’t deserve to be happy or worse, we feel guilty for wanting more in life when we already have so many blessings.


But here’s the thing: we are all deserving of and have the capacity to be happier... right here, right now. 


My personal story of resilience has led me to you - I want to help you create a ridiculously happier life ... because you deserve it.

Brenda is a Certified Professional Coach and recent graduate of the Berkeley's Science of Happiness program. She has been inspiring teams and leaders for two decades. It's your turn.

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