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Imagine what it would feel like to end each day feeling proud, accomplished, and inspired knowing in your heart that you are on the path to realizing your dreams.


Join us for the DARE to DREAM Vision Board Workshop!




"This is your time - your time to dream, your time to inspire, your time to be bold and brave, your time to truly explore what matters most to you, your time to dream!" - My Happiness Coach


What Is the Dare to Dream Vision Boarding Workshop?


A fun-filled day designed to help you get clear on your dreams.


A vision board is a personalized collection of images, quotes, and inspirations representing your vision, goals, and dreams to create the happier life you deserve. Let's get your happy on!


In the workshop, we will:


- Tap into your natural imagination 

- Identify your ideal life vision

- Get clear on exactly what you want

- Learn to focus with intention




What Do I Get When I Attend?


Together, we will spend time getting clear on what you truly want for your future, leaving you feeling less stressed and more focused on bringing your dreams to life.



Prepare to have fun and be inspired to tackle your next big thing!  



In addition to vision coaching during the workshop, you'll also get a personalized vision board kit complete with all the supplies you'll need to create your awesome vision board.


Oh! Oh! AND to keep us energized, the kitchen will be preparing us delicious breakfast and lunch. Like icing on the cake, we'll also be sprinkled with yummy snacks throughout the day. Talk about pampered! YASS!


Oh! Oh! Oh! AND you'll also meet some amazing people, who like you, have decided to stop waiting and start creating happier, more fulfilling lives.

This workshop is for you if you want to create:




1. A clear vision and focus in your life 



2. Happier habits that bring you satisfaction and joy


3. Clear goals that leave you feeling alive and inspired! 


I know, I are super busy. This workshop is designed to respect your time and get you super focused on getting real results. Stop waiting and start creating your happier life today.






OK, OK, what does the DARE to DREAM workshop cost?


You ready? Let's get your happy on!

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