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5 Steps to Happiness!

Happy people have an optimistic outlook on life, are healthier, more successful, and have stronger social connections. I mean really, if given a choice, who would you pick to hang out with - someone who is happy or sad?

Here are 5 steps to bring more happiness into your life. Say YESSSS to HAPPINESS!

1.0 Attitude of Gratitude. Gratitude is a leading contributor to happiness and well-being. You could start a gratitude journal, try my wake-up happiness challenge, or find your own unique way of expressing gratitude. Keep in mind, you don't need to spend hours on this....a few minutes here and there go a long way in giving you perspective on life.

2.0 Acts of Kindness. Acts of kindness are also proven to promote happiness and more prosocial behaviour. Remember how good it felt the last time you did something kind for yourself or others? It could be as simple as helping your partner with a chore, cooking someone's favourite meal, sending a friend a card, appreciating a coworker, holding a door, or volunteering at your favourite charity. Plus, it's just cool to be kind!

3.0 Your Happy Vision. Get clear on your vision of a happier life. Without limits, where do you see yourself in a year? Spend time collecting photographs, images, and inspiration quotes to include on your new vision board. Getting clear on happiness is a good first step in setting your happiness intention. What is your happy?

4.0 Self-Care. Take time for yourself every single day - without exception. It could be enjoying your coffee lakeside, grabbing a drink with a friend, exercising or taking a walk, listening to a pod cast, going for a country drive, meditating, reading your favourite blog (wink, wink) or cranking your favourite tunes. Do something for you!

5.0 Get a Coach. Finding a coach that supports your happiness goals, treasures your talents, and can keep you motivated will leave you feeling accomplished and happier. There are billions of people in the world but only one you - that makes you one of a kind! Book a coaching consultation with me today.

And remember, sustained happiness is a personal investment. It takes time and energy. And, it is worth it!

Your life is about to change and it all starts now!

About the author. Brenda is a Certified Professional Coach and Founder of My Happiness Coach. She inspires people to live the outrageously happy lives they deserve. You can subscribe to her blog or inquire about one on one coaching or customized happiness workshops and courses today at

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