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7 Tips to Boost Your Happiness!

Do you want to feel happier? Umm, of course you do!

Here are 7 tips you can implement today (or right now!) to boost your daily happiness. What are you waiting for? Let's get your happy on!

1. CRANK UP THE TUNES. Play your favourite song, sing along...heck, if you're in your car, beat on the dashboard!

2. SIT IN SILENCE. Find calm in the middle of your day by spending a few moments with your eyes closed thinking of something peaceful.

3. GO FOR A WALK. Go for a short walk to clear your mind.

4. TEXT A FREIND. A quick interaction with a friend can instantly boost your mood and give you perspective.

5. JUMP. Jump 5-10 times on the spot. This will get your blood flowing and help you feel alive!

6. COOL MOVES. Show someone your cool dance moves! The sillier the better! Consider Friday afternoon dance parties the office!

7. LAUGH. If you can't laugh on demand, read a joke or spend a few minutes with someone you find entertaining.

What do you do to boost your daily happiness? Post a comment or tweet #MyHappinessCoach. Get your happy on!

Your life is about to change and it all starts now!

About the author. Brenda is a Certified Professional Coach and Founder of My Happiness Coach. She inspires people to live the outrageously happy lives they deserve. You can subscribe to her blog or inquire about one on one coaching or customized happiness workshops and courses today at

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